Currently, I am interested in generating and strengthening conservation programs with different Colombian fauna species, providing base tools for research and stimulating appropriation of threatened species by local inhabitants in their distribution areas.
Furthermore, I am interested in ecological research that relate to amphibians, reptiles and birds

Andrés is involved in the following Foundation’s projects:

Academic background and experience

  • Academic background

    10th semester student of the Universidad de los Llanos, Colombia.

  • Professional experience

    Associated researcher in the Community-based conservation program of river turtles with indigenous Peruvian and Colombian communities of the Amazon River. Base inventories and ecological studies in amphibians, reptiles and birds in the Tanimboca Reserva, Amazonas, Colombia. Base studies of the herpetofauna in Orinoquia and Middle Magdalena Vally, Colombia.


  • Scientific papers

    FERNANDO VARGAS SALINAS, ANDRES FELIPE APONTE GUTIERREZ, “A race for survivorship: failed predation on the toad Rhinella humboldti (Gallardo, 1965) by the Cat-eyed snake Leptodeira septentrionalis (Kennicott, 1859)” . Herpetology Notes ISSN: 2071-5773 ed:v.6 fasc.N/A p.189 – 191 ,2013.

  • Congress abstracts

    Aponte, A.F. 2012. Notas preliminares de la estructura poblacional de ofidios de la Reserva Tanimboca (Kilometros 10 y 11 vía Tarapacá, Leticia-Amazonas). Congreso Argentino de Herpetología. Pag: 77.

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