Julio has been an active member of Fundación Biodiversa since 2005, before we established our field station in the area of Barbacoas in the middle Magdalena river valley. He has been essential in coordinating all our field activities in the area and his vast knowledge of the region, its people, and its environmental conflicts has proven to be invaluable for our work. Currently, he is our field coordinator and liaison officer with authorities, associations, and the general public in the area.

Julio is involved in the following Foundation’s projects:

  • Professional experience and formation

    Julio is a technician in preservation of natural resources with more than 15 years of experience working with environmental issues in the Middle Magdalena river valley. He is currently the vice president of our partner organization in the area, ASOAMBIENTAL, which is an association of environmentalists based in Puerto Berrio, Antioquia.

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