Since 2005, Fundacion Biodiversa Colombia has been promoting and developing reseach and conservation in the biological, social and cultural fields and in other areas of knowledge that contribute to preservation of the biological and cultural heritage of Colombia, while seeking alternatives for sustainable development.


Our mission

Our mission is the conservation of the Colombian natural and cultural heritage through scientific research with social involvement and through sustainable productive projects that contribute to conservation, to social development and to self sustainability of local communities.

Our vision

Our vision is to grow as a self-sustainable organization that develops projects and research in multiple areas of Colombia, generating positive, growing and long-lasting social and environmental impacts.

Directive board

María Catalina Giraldo

Co-founder / Directive board member / El Silencio Reserve director
Currently, I am coordinating the "Conservation Strategy of blue-billed curassow ...

Marisol Santos Acevedo

Associated researcher / Substitute board member
I am particularly interested in the sustainable use of biodiversity by using ...

Alba Lucía Morales Jiménez

Co-founder / Directive board member
I am a biologist with an interest on wildlife conservation. I have done ...

Paola Jiménez

Associated Researcher / Substitute board member
Paola joined Fundación Biodiversa in 2014, Paola supported project coordinat...

Andrés Almonacid S.

Co-founder / Legal Representative Alternate / Directive board member
I seek to develop and carry out projects related to clean energies harvesting, ...

Susana Rodríguez-Buriticá

Research Director / Associated researcher / Substitute board member
As research director of Fundacion Biodiversa Colombia, I manage projects on ...

Fernando Arbeláez

President / Legal representative / Directive board member
I am interested in involving and generating appropriation of local communities ...

Maria Teresa Gámez

Communications coordinator / Directive board member
As Communications coordinator of Biodiversa Colombia I am interested in ...

Aída Vasco Palacios

Associated researcher / Substitute board member
I focus in studying the biodiversity of macrofungi in Amazonian ecosystems. My ...

Administrative staff

Julio César Marín Cruz

Associated researcher / Field coordinator
Julio has been an active member of Fundación Biodiversa since 2005, before we ...

Alfonso López

El Silencio Reserve Ranger
Alfonso and his family joined Fundación Biodiversa in 2013 when they moved to ...

Ingrid Romero

Administrative coordinator
Ingrid joined Fundación Biodiversa in 2015, she coordinates and manages ...

Maira Ortiz

Supporting professional for Paujil Project
Maira coordinates environmental education and sensitization of Bocas de ...

Associated researchers

Dafna Camila Ángel Escobar

Associated researcher
My main interest is to study and apply alternative models of development ...

Natalia Norden

Associated Researcher
I am broadly interested in understanding the different forces determining plant ...

Juan Jacobo Jiménez

Associated researcher
I visualize biological research as the integration of several disciplines from ...

Silvia Vejarano

Co-founder / Associated researcher
I find of great importance to work with the local communities that use those ...

Diana Teresa Gutiérrez

Associated Researcher
I am sensitive to the power of body expression and art as means to give the ...

Daniel van der Post

I have a keen interest in evolution, primates, conservation, reforestation and ...

Paula Caycedo Rosales

Associated researcher
I am interested in developing and implementing novel tools to characterise and ...

Nicolás Castaño

Co-founder / Associated researcher
I am interested in an integral forest management in which its use can assure ...

Andrés Felipe Aponte

Associated researcher
Currently, I am interested in generating and strengthening conservation ...

Mario Vargas Ramírez

Co-founder / Associated researcher
I have high interest in the designing and performance of research projects and ...